Dog Runs

Eisenhower Park Dog Run

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Eisenhower Park Dog Run ‘Synthetic Turf Field’ project is an improvement of the existing, contained recreational space for use by canines and their owners. This work will include the replacement of the existing depleted lawn areas with a synthetic turf field designed for continual recreational use without creating muddy conditions due to traffic by dogs and their owners. The project will incorporate the existing concrete walkways, gazebo, benches and black polyolefin chain link fencing, along with the installation of an additional length of new 6 ft high black polyolefin chain link fencing to reduce the size of the larger dog area, and also the installation of an additional length of new 4 ft high black polyolefin chain link fencing to serve as a barrier between the dogs and a new planting bed of tall dense evergreen trees that will be installed to provide privacy and noise reduction for the adjacent multi-use trail and private homes along Salisbury Park Drive.

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Eisenhower Park Dog Run Synthetic Turf Plans

Fun Runs for Dogs and Owners

Around 2000, Nassau County began introducing enclosed dog runs in its parks as a way of accommodating dog owners, since dogs are not allowed in County parks or preserves. The runs proved quickly popular with both canines and humans, as both species cemented long-term friendships through their interaction at these locations. As a result, the County continued to add dog runs throughout its parks system. Today, five parks and one museum property boast dog runs and the County is continually reviewing the options for adding new ones in other parks.

Please remember that your dog must be on the leash en route to the dog run and cannot be walked through parks. Additionally, please bear in mind that cordial and safe relations between dog-owners and non-owners makes everyone happy.

The dog runs are located at the following parks:

South Shore

  • Bay Park, First Avenue, East Rockaway; 516-571-7245.

    The dog run is located on the east side of this waterfront park, near the ball fields, and has separate large and small dog runs.

  • Cedar Creek Park, Merrick Road east of Wantagh Avenue; 516-571-7470.

    The park has separate large and small dog runs. To reach the dog runs, follow the circular park road past the playground and then the park administration building. The run is located near Parking Field No. 7.

  • Wantagh Park, 1 King Road, just south of Merrick Road off the Wantagh Parkway; 516-571-7460.

    The dog run features separate areas for large and small dogs and is located just north of the launch ramp parking lot (by the marina). To reach the dog run, make a right after the first stop sign and park on the right. The dog runs are located just on the right.


  • Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, Salisbury Park Drive and Stewart Avenue; 516-572-0347.

    The new dog park is located at the junction of Salisbury Park Drive and Stewart Avenue. The dog park, which covers approximately 1.5 acres, is divided into two areas for large dog and small dog (25 pounds and under). Each section has shade structures, water stations, waste stations, trees and benches.

  • Old Bethpage Village Restoration, Old Bethpage, 1303 Round Swamp Road (Exit 48 south of the L.I.E.); 516-572-8400.

    This dog run has separate areas for large and small dogs. The dog run is located near the entrance to the property. Hours at the dog run are as follows: Mon.- Fri. 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Sat., 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; Sun., 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

North Shore

  • Christopher Morley Park, Searingtown Road, south of the L.I.E. (Exit 34); 516-571-8113.

    The dog run, which accommodates large and small dogs in one area, is located on the north side of the parking lot. Just east of the dog run is the "Knothole," a tiny one-room wooden cabin formerly used as a studio by prominent 20th-century Long Island editor and writer Christopher Morley.