Tiffany Creek Preserve

A 197-acre preserve cobbled together from parts of three formers estates, Tiffany Creek provides a mix of ecological communities within the oak forest. Descending through glacially formed ravines, the preserve's oak hilltop and upland meadow provide excellent examples of the mid-slope community. Tuliptree, red oak and red maple dominate the low slope. A wet meadow with a diverse plant community can be found at the northeast border of the preserve. The first public nature trails are located in the 45-acre parcel west of Sandy Hill Road and were developed by volunteers from the Telephone Pioneers.

The preserve was acquired by Nassau County in 1992 with the assistance of the Long Island chapter of the Nature Conservancy.

Through the Nassau County Environmental Bond Act, the county has also acquired the 34-acre Northwood Estate contiguous to Tiffany Creek Preserve. The Northwood property is irregular in shape, comprising woods and meadows with gently rolling topography. The site stretches from Berry Hill Road to the west to Sandy Hill Road at the east.