Nickerson Beach Park

Nickerson Beach


General Information

The Nickerson Beach Facility is open to the public from April 1, 2023, to November 5, 2023.

The Nickerson Beach Cabana Area will be closed for the season from September 17, 2023 to April 6, 2023.

Pool opening date will be Saturday, June 17, 2023.

Park Hours of Operation: 7 days a week: 8:00AM-DUSK 

Facility gates are locked at 10:00PM each night. All guests must exit the park prior to 10:00PM each night.

Toll Booth Hours7 days a week: 9:00AM-5:30PM (Memorial Day through Labor Day)

2023 Parking Fees (Main Lot Only)

Nassau County Resident Prices

  • $15.00 (daily parking fee)
  • $110.00 (season parking pass) – Main Lot Only
  • $50.00 (season parking pass for senior citizens (60 years or older), veterans and disabled - Main Lot Only.
  • Valid Leisure Pass, valid government issued driver's license or photo ID required.

Non-Resident Price (Main Lot Only)

  • $37.00 (daily parking fee)
  • $295.00 (season parking pass)

Nassau County Leisure Passes CANNOT be purchased at Nickerson Beach.

Click here for information on Nassau County Leisure Passes

Campground ReservationsNichersonCampground

Access to the Pitch and Putt and daily pool use is not included with campground reservations. Admission may be purchased daily at the Administration Office at Nickerson Beach.

Campers are permitted to park one vehicle at their campsite as part of the reservation.

One (1) additional parking pass can be purchased at prevailing daily parking rate.

Pets are permitted with valid vaccination records. (Refer to Campground Rules for additional requirements).


Subletting of a campground reservation is strictly prohibited.

Contact Summer Office at 516-571-7700 or Winter Office at 516-933-4444 for a full list of Campground Rules, pricing or to make a reservation.

Cabanas and Cabinettes


Only residents of Nassau County may rent a cabana or cabinette (locker).

A valid Nassau County Leisure Pass must be provided at time of payment for cabanas and cabinettes.

2023 Rates (Memorial Day – Labor Day)
Cabana: $4,570.00
Cabinette: $990.00

With each cabana or cabinette rental, the renter will receive six (6) full season pool bracelets for the 2023 season. LOST OR STOLEN POOL BRACELETS WILL NOT BE REPLACED.

Additional daily pool bracelets may be purchased at the Administration Office. 

Renters will receive one (1) guest pass. Each cabana renter will have the option to purchase up to two (2) additional cabana area specific parking pass decals. 

Cabinette renters will have the option to purchase one (1) cabana area specific parking pass decals.

Lost or stolen parking pass decals and/or guest passes will not be replaced. 

All Cabana and Cabinette renters will have specific parking areas.

Contact Summer Office at 516-571-7700 or Winter Office at 516-933-4444 for a full list of Cabana/Cabinette Rules.

Waitlist: To be eligible to rent a Cabana or Cabinette, residents must be listed on the Nickerson waitlist and provide proof of residency with a valid driver’s license. Please stop by the Administration Office or call 516-571-7700 (summer office) or 516-933-4444 (winter office) for additional information.

Pitch and Putt Hours and Fees


The Nickerson Pitch and Putt will be open from May 1, 2023, to October 31, 2023, from 10:00AM to 5:30PM daily.

Game - $12.00
Ball Rental - $2.00 each
Golf Club Rental - $2.00 each

Parking is not included. You must pay the prevailing daily parking fees will apply.

Dog Park

Daily parking fees to enter the Park will apply from Memorial Day through Labor Day, between 9AM and 5:30PM.  No daily parking fee will apply outside of these hours.


Picnic Area – Picnic permits will be issued to Nassau County residents only.  Leisure Pass is required.
Fields – Call for pricing and availability

Skate Park

Daily parking fees to enter the Park will apply from Memorial Day through Labor Day, between 9am and 5:30pm.  Helmet and protective gear are required.

Any person using the Skate Park under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Skate Park closes at dusk. 



West Side: Guests may walk down any cabana aisle to access the main walkway to the beach.
East Side: Guests may walk down any cabana aisle to access the main walkway to the beach.
East Side: There is a main walkway from the east side parking lot, which leads directly to the beach.

RV Camping Rules

  • Tents: Tents are not permitted on RV sites.
  • Screen Rooms: Screen rooms without floors are permitted.
  • Parking: Only ONE (1) passenger vehicle per RV site with parking pass. BACK IN PARKING ONLY. Park on the gravel in front of unit. NO PARKING ON EMPTY SITES. All other vehicles must park in the parking lot at PREVAILING DAILY RATES.
  • Pools: Children’s pools are not permitted in the campground.
  • Campfires: Campfires are permitted in an off the ground, self-contained fire pit with a screen and lid. Campfires are not permitted on the ground or in BBQ grills.
  • Pets: Licenses and proofs of vaccination must be provided for all pets. PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES. Leash can be no longer than 6 feet. Pets must be walked by a responsible adult on the outer perimeter of the campground only or at the Dog Park. Pet owners must pick up after their pets. Pets are NOT ALLOWED on the beach, in the dunes, cabana or playground areas. Pets are not to be left alone at campsites. If a pet becomes a nuisance, pet and owner may be asked to leave the facility.
  • Waste Dumping: There is no dumping or release of gray/black water to the ground. Grey/black water may only be dumped at RV sites with sewers or at the Campground Dump Station.
  • Traffic Flow: All roads in the campground are ONE WAY. The 5 MPH speed limit is STRICTLY ENFORCED. All must STOP at all STOP SIGNS.
  • Entry Gates: Vehicles are NOT permitted to enter the campground after 9 PM. (On special event nights, gates may be closed earlier.)  After 9 PM, campers must park in the general parking lot and walk to their site.
  • Quiet Times: Sundays to Thursdays at 10PM, Fridays and Saturdays at 11PM. Campsite permittee is responsible for the behavior of any and all guests. 
  • Check in/Check out: Check in is at 1 PM and check out is at 11 AM. All campers must depart on time, or a late fee will be assessed!
  • Mail: Campers may not have any mail or packages of any kind delivered to the park.
  • Refunds: There are absolutely NO REFUNDS!

Nickerson Beach At A Glance



$10            Resident

$16     Non-Resident


$6              Resident

$11     Non-Resident

Senior Citizen

$6              Resident

N/A        Non-Resident

Veteran/ Vol. FF

$6              Resident

N/A    Non-Resident


Parking & Pool Not Included

Picnic Area (Up to 100 People)

$90 per Day

*Must be a Nassau County Resident*

Alcohol Permit 

$90 per Day


Fishing Permit (6pm-8am)

$27 per Season

Parking Fees

*Must be NC Resident & Valid Proof 


$15            Resident

$37     Non-Resident


$110          Resident

$295   Non-Resident

Senior Citizen

$50            Resident

N/A   Non-Resident

Veteran/ Vol. FF

$50            Resident

N/A    Non-Resident


$45            Resident

N/A       Non-Resident

Cabana Rentals

*Must be NC Resident*







Replacement Lock





Sewer, Water, Electric

$47            Resident

$72     Non-Resident

Water and Electric

$39            Resident

$64     Non-Resident

Dumping Fee


Late Fee

$29 per Day

Pitch & Putt

Playing Fee


Ball & Club Rental

$2 Each


To reach Nickerson Beach Park from the North Shore, take Meadowbrook Parkway South to Loop Parkway (Exit M10) to Point Lookout. Turn right onto Lido Boulevard. Nassau Beach is about half-mile on your left-hand side. From the South Shore, take Southern State Parkway (East) to Meadowbrook Parkway (South) toward Jones Beach. Just before the Jones Beach Toll, go off onto the Loop Parkway (exit M10) toward Point Lookout. Take Loop Parkway all the way to the end. Turn right: Nickerson Beach Park is on the left-hand side about a half-mile away.