Park Permits

Park Permits

The Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Museums provides a wide array of recreational opportunities, some of which require permits:

Picnic areas may be reserved by obtaining permit directly through the individual park. Reservations begin on March 4, 2024. This reservation classification applies to barbeques, birthdays, showers and parties. View a listing of Parks.

Athletic Fields can be reserved by submitting request on organization letterhead to, using the attached as a guide. 

For Cantiague Parks athletic fields, contact  

For Mitchel Athletic Complex fields, contact 

Please note insurance requirements and use 2022 Event Check List – Athletic Fields as a guide.

Special Event permits can be applied for by following the 2024 Event Check List – Special Events and sending to
This applies to requests for walks, runs, fundraisers, Girl Scout and Boy Scout events, park clean ups, fairs and similar gatherings.  Please note insurance requirements.

Insurance Requirements

Review our Policy/Procedures for permitting Fields and Facilities with the Nassau County Parks Department.

Additional Permit Information

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