Illicit Discharge Hotline

Report illicit discharges into Nassau's stormwater system by calling 516-571-7535. All callers remain anonymous.

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination Program

The Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program is designed to identify and eliminate any discharge into our storm sewers that is not comprised entirely of storm water. These discharges can contain high levels of toxic materials and pollutants including heavy metals, oil and grease, solvents, nutrients, pathogens, and raw sewage; they can have a great impact on water quality and ecosystem health in our surrounding water bodies.

Illicit discharges enter the system through either direct connection via piping or indirect connections such as infiltration from failed sanitary systems or spills on roads that are collected by catch basins. People dumping waste oil, antifreeze, paint, or other chemicals into a catch basin or stream are also major sources of illicit discharges.

Drainage Use Ordinance

In July 2007, the Nassau County Legislature adopted a Drainage Use Ordinance (PDF) that defines allowable discharges of non-storm water to the County's storm water system. This ordinance grants the county the authority to take action against any illicit dischargers and levy fines, if necessary.

Routine Testing

Nassau County field personnel conduct routine testing of our stormwater system to detect and pinpoint the sources of illicit discharges and they depend on the public to report any possible sources of pollution to Long Island's waters. If you know of an illicit discharge into the county's storm water system, please call us at 516-571-7535.

Sub Watershed Reports