2016 Bids

The Nassau County Department of Public Works has completed the following bids in 2016. 

Contract Title
Opening Date
S3C067-06GCedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Efficiency Capital Improvement Sludge Reduction
1/19/2016Bid Results (PDF)
S35110-02GNC-DPW Consolidation of Sanitary Sewer Services - Decommissioning & Demolition of WPCP
1/19/2016Bid Results (PDF)
H63029-06GR3Rehabilitation of the Pearl Street Bridge2/16/2016Bid Results (PDF)
B90400-03GNassau County DPW Building Construction Requirements Contracts3/1/2016Bid Results (PDF)
H6179A-03GImprovements to West Shore Road Seawall, North Phase3/1/2016Bid Results (PDF)
Resurfacing of Various County Roads in the Town of Hempstead-Phase 44
3/15/2016Bid Results (PDF)
H62000-03ESignal System Operations - Phase 4 - PIN 0760.813/22/2016Bid Results (PDF)
B50680-08ANC-DPW Nassau County Police Department 8th Precinct Garage Building4/12/2016Bid Results (PDF)
B50680-03GR3Super Storm Sandy Remedial Repairs at the NCPD Marine Bureau4/12/2016Bid Results (PDF)
Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting upgrades for Various Park Facilities4/19/2016Bid Results (PDF)
NC-DPW Pump Station Repair & Mitigation
5/17/2016BId Results (PDF)
B90625-03BNassau County Department of Public Works-Requirements Contracts-Asbestos & Lead Abatement5/24/2016Bid Results (PDF)
B90618R4Nassau County DPW-Roof Reconstruction Requirements Contract
6/7/2016Bid Results (PDF)
B9061107GHVAC Perimeter Fan Coil Unit Replacement
6/7/2016Bid Results (PDF)
H61587-52GResurfacing of Various County Roads - Phase 52
7/12/2016Bid Results (PDF)
T62250-03MNC Traffic Signal Maintenance Specification
7/19/2016Bid Results (PDF)
B90400-03GRNassau County DPW Building Construction Requirements Contract - General Construction
7/26/2017Bid Results (PDF)
B41869-02GNassau County DPW-Parks Construction Requirements Contract General Construction
9/06/2016Bid Results (PDF)
Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant-Level 1 BNR Improvements
11/15/2016Bid Results (PDF)
Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Scada System Improvements
11/22/2016Bid Results (PDF)
Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant-Engine Generator Facility Auxiliary Improvements
Bid Results (PDF)
Resurfacing of Various County Roads in the Town of Oyster Bay-Phase 43-Pin 0760.53
11/29/2016Bid Results (PDF)
Cedar Creek Water Pollution Plant Electrical Distribution System Improvements Project
12/20/2016Bid Results (PDF)
Glen Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant-Sludge Dewatering Facility Improvements
Bid Results (PDF)