Environmental Bond Act

In August 2004 and in September 2006, the County Executive and the Nassau County Legislature recognized the urgent need to identify financial resources to protect the county's remaining open space, natural resources, park lands, and drinking water. They also advanced the remediation of contaminated properties around the county. The county executive and legislature unanimously adopted Local Laws 14-2004 and 10-2006 to conduct a referendum on a $50 million and $100 million Environmental Program, respectively. In November 2004 and 2006, these referendums appeared on the ballot, and were overwhelmingly approved by 77% of the voters of Nassau County. This approval led to the creation of the Nassau County Environmental Program.

Charged Projects

The Nassau County Department of Public Works is charged with overseeing the implementation of all Brownfield Remediation, Park Improvement, and Stormwater Quality Improvement projects approved under the 2004 and 2006 Environmental Bond Act Programs.

Project Number of Projects in 2004
Open Space Purchases 7
Brownfield Remediations 2
Park Improvements 20
Stormwater Quality Improvements 19
Project Number of Projects in 2006
Open Space Purchases 16
Brownfield Remediations 5
Park Improvements 54
Stormwater Quality Improvements 28

Project Breakdown

Of the 151 projects, 53 are the subject of inter-municipal partnerships, in which the county is working with other municipalities to carry out projects on their property. Of the projects, 75 will be carried out with county resources. The department has engaged the services of a consultant to assist with day-to-day program management.

Status Summary Reports

As required by the local laws for each respective Bond Act, the county executive is to report annually to the legislature various financial information, including expenditures and the balance of funds remaining in the Environmental Bond Act Programs. The department has been preparing and posting the required annual reports. Please see below.